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 Sant'Antioco Experience: a part of Sardinia yet to be discovered ......

Sant'Antioco is the largest island among the Sardinian ones with ancient historical-cultural roots that date back to the Phoenician-Punic era, as well as Roman. The territory is rich in history and characterized by the suggestive landscapes of the Mediterranean nature. Enjoy its unique archaeological heritage, its picturesque historical centres, its white beaches and the blue seas. The staff of Lu' Hotel Maladroxia will be pleased to advise you on the most interesting excursions existing to discover this beautiful Island for an unforgettable experience of your holiday in Sardinia.

  • Nature

  • The South West coast of the Island is rich in unique places to discover.
  • Sport

  • Sardinia is the favourite location of those enthusiastics of outdoor activities.
  • Culture

  • Discover the magnificent coasts of the island, its cristal clear water and its wild nature, or treat yourself to a holiday full of history and culture.
  • Sea

  • We are at a very short distance from many beautiful beaches of a wonderful crystalline sea.